Adaption Exhibition Redland Art Gallery

2 Feb - 8 Mar 2020 Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm Sunday 9am…

Portfolio Items

Wind Mill in a Timeless Land, 2020

Acrylic and earth pigment on sewn canvas 150 x 144 cm Photo: Tonia Cecil The windmill returns to the ground from whence it came...

Salt Lake Shoreline, 2020

Earth pigment, acrylic and ink on canvas 122 x 102 cm. Sold. The sparce vegetation and sand surrounding the salt lake.

Dead Insects on a Pink Salt Lake, 2020

Acrylic and oil on sewn canvas 150 x 150 cm

Late Afternoon, 2020

Aerosol, charcoal, ink, acrylic on sewn canvas 164 x 164 cm

Cant Drive Over This Stuff, 2020

Acrylic, graphite, and ink on sewn canvas 170 x 170 cm

Deconstructed Landscape, 2020

Earth pigment, ink and acrylic on sewn canvas 150 x 150 cm

Desert Night, 2020

Aerosol, ink, acrylic, earth pigment , graphite on sewn canvas 160 x 160cm

Pandanus Beach, 2020

Ink and acrylic on sewn canvas 150 x 150 cm Sold.

Flinders Ranges, Plein Air Study 11, 2018

Mixed Media on Paper