Helena Jackson-Lloyd is a Sunshine Coast based multi media artist.

Throughout her creative practice she has worked with and around the ideas of ‘landscape’ interested in what she terms as ‘wild places’. Places that are raw, wild, natural, and unkempt.

Jackson -Lloyd’s work thrives on engaging with new and unfamiliar places, as she searches for threads of connection, a way into expressing and understanding a new place, and a desire to be one with the landscape.

To connect with a place, initially she works intensively ‘en plein air’, (outdoor on location).

In her en plein air work, she looks for the forces that weave a wild place together, the topography, geology, and ecology. She notices the movements of wind, water and weather patterns, as she surveys, interprets, and records the shapes, textures, colours and patterns of the landscape.

Throughout this creative process, she is aware that the landscape is a keeper of memory; its current shape is the culmination of all that has gone before.

Upon return to her studio, she translates her studies into large-scale, abstract landscape works further honing in on the essence and mystery of a place. By drawing on her memories, knowledge, experiences, and understandings , the finished works become her intuitive response to place.

Ultimately, Jackson-Lloyd’s work is a means to explore the mystery, wonder and enchantment of wild places by creating a visual interpretation that connects her (and the viewer) with the essence of place.