Portfolio Items

Wind Mill in a Timeless Land, 2020

Acrylic and earth pigment on sewn canvas 150 x 144 cm Photo: Tonia Cecil The windmill returns to the ground from whence it came...

Beneath the Surface, 2020

Ink and Earth pigment on handmade native grass paper ,rag paper and canvas 300 x 90cm. This work consists of studies created while at Curtin Springs. I have used ochre from the station , some of it has been printed with the use of dried camel poo pellets, scratched, poured, rubbed and buffed onto the paper. Studies of desert oak cones, desert grevillea pods, and the repeated eye symbol, comes from the desert oak cone itself.

Morning Walk in the Spinifex, 2020

Earth pigment, wax, charcoal, graphite, ink and acrylic on sewn canvas 125 x 150 cm Sold.

Frayed Landscape 2020

Ink and acrylic on sewn canvas 160 x 150 cm

Evaporating Rain, 2020

Earth pigment , ink, acrylic, and oil stick on sewn canvas 170 x170cm Sold.

Cant Drive Over This Stuff, 2020

Acrylic, graphite, and ink on sewn canvas 170 x 170 cm

Desert Night, 2020

Aerosol, ink, acrylic, earth pigment, graphite on sewn canvas 160x160cm

Flinders Ranges, Plein Air Study 11, 2018

Mixed Media on Paper

Flinders Ranges, Plein Air Study 10, 2018

Mixed Media on paper

Landscape with Cross Bracing, 2020

Acrylic, earth pigment, ink and oil on sewn canvas 150 x 170cm Photo: Tonia Cecil