Portfolio Items

Evaporating Rain, 2020

Earth pigment , ink, acrylic, and oil stick on sewn canvas 170 x170cm Sold.

Flinders Ranges, Plein Air Study 10, 2018

Mixed Media on paper

Red Shore, 2019

Red Ochre, Aerosol, Oil, Ink and Acrylic on Sewn Canvas 125 x 165cm Finalist 2020 John Leslie Art Prize

Beach Rocks 2, 2019

Acrylic and Red Ochre on Sewn Canvas 80 x 172cm

Roadside 2

Mixed Media on Canvas 120 x 150 cm

Silverton Study 2

Mixed media on Primed Cardboard

Silverton Study 4

Mixed media on Primed Cardboard

Broken Hill 6

Mixed media

Broken Hill 5

Mixed media

Broken Hill 4

Mixed media